Thursday, February 15, 2007

THE Education

You know what? There is so much to learn about babies and it seems like each little thing I learn leads me to another and another. Wearing babies helps baby digest and pass gas and also helps with potty training. Cloth diapers helps with potty training. Co-sleeping makes a confident calm baby, so does wearing a baby. Child-led breast feeding leads to child-led solids introduction. Breast feeding leads to good elimination communication. Breastfeeding is aided by co-sleeping. Wearing your baby leads to child-led food introduction. Breast feeding helps momma lose baby weight and wearing your baby provides weight bearing exercises. All this crunchy granola momma stuff is sooo interconnected.

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Mark and Mel said...

don't forget- Breastfed babies are healthier, so less money on meds and doctor visits. And babywearing makes it so much easier to get your work done- the baby is always with you (except when it is miserable cold in PA- like a high of 20 degrees and you can't take her outside)
There really is something to being crunchy granola- its too bad os many people are scared of it.